Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer in Columbia SC

Brain injuries are traumatic for the victim as well as their family and all involved are entitled to full compensation. The David Massey legal team is equipped to support everyone impacted in the courtroom and beyond ensuring everyone receives the physical and psychological support they deserve.


Types of Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Traumatic brain injuries are likely the result of vehicle accidents or a violent blow to the head. This causes an array of symptoms for the victim as well as the family members supporting them. Specific examples include:

Trucking Accidents

Just based on impact and size alone, accidents involving large trucks can cause flying debris and additional collisions resulting in a concussion, contusion, hematoma, or closed brain injuries.

Product Liability

Injuries caused by faulty products, poor manufacturing, or defective materials can lead to traumatic brain injuries or death.


Traumatic brain injury is a common cause of homicide-related death.

Child Physical Abuse

Abusive acts to minors, such as shaking or hitting, causing direct impact to the brain.

The Costs Associated with Traumatic Brain Injury

Along with everything else, the costs associated with this sort of injury can be overwhelming. Our legal experience and additional support will help alleviate the stress of covering these costs.

  • Medical Bills
  • Nursing Home Bills
  • Speech & Occupational Therapist Bills
  • Prescription Drug Bills
  • In-Home Care

You don’t have to face the stress of everything that comes alongside a traumatic brain injury. Let our legal team ensure you get the compensation you deserve.


The Traumatic Brain Injuries Attorney For You

Our legal team stands beside you in the courtroom and beyond. We’ll help get you the compensation you deserve and ensure you’re able to heal and recover with the necessary resources. Your recovery is always our goal.

Representing You and Making an Impact
At the end of the day, our greatest accomplishment is supporting our clients and their families. We prioritize recovery for our clients through the entire legal process and ensure justice comes to light.