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Our mission is to impact the community positively while instilling systemic change. For our firm, it goes beyond the courtroom.

The David Massey legal team stands strong in holding those accountable for causing traumatic and catastrophic brain injuries, wrongful death, serious injuries, or the abuse and sexual exploitation of minors.


Traumatic Brain Injuries

Adult and children suffering traumatic brain injuries at no fault of their own are entitled to compensation. Working with our experienced firm gives the victims and their families access to nationally recognized experts and confidence that they will be supported in the courtroom. Examples of traumatic brain injuries include:

Serious Injuries and Wrongful Death

When a victim obtains serious injuries at no fault of their own, we are able to represent and prevail in getting their rightful compensation. Victims and surviving family members can count on our team for support and successful legal representation. Examples of serious injuries that could lead to wrongful death include:

Child Sexual Abuse Injuries

Our team offers legal advocacy for the protection of minors involved in any form of abuse. We are able to not only get the maximum compensation victims and their families deserve but we take it a step further to ensure they are emotionally and psychologically compensated, as well. Examples of abuse could include:

Representing You and Making an Impact
At the end of the day, our greatest accomplishment is our clients’ recovery and maximum compensation. We represent our clients through the entire legal process ensuring justice comes to light and prioritizing recovery.