Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse Lawyer in Columbia SC

We do not stand for child sexual abuse and you shouldn’t either. The Law Offices of David Massey has represented many victims and their families ensuring they are properly compensated. Our team takes it beyond the courtroom by ensuring our clients are able to heal and find their new normal.

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Types of Child Sexual Abuse Cases

The involvement of a minor in any act that is non consensual and involving forced sexual acts is unacceptable. Our team offers legal advocacy for victims and their families who have been involved in child sexual abuse injury cases such as:

Child Sexual Abuse

Any form of abuse to a minor involving sexual activity.

Human Trafficking

Minors who are persuaded or tricked into being moved or transported and then sexually exploited or forced to perform activities.

Clergy Sexual Abuse

Sexualized behavior by an individual in church or spiritual leadership specifically abusing minors.

Date Rape

Forcing a minor into non consensual sexual acts often times when the individual is unable to deny acts.


The Child Sexual Abuse Attorney For You

Legal advocacy for minors involved in abuse is serious. Count on our team to take it a step further, beyond receiving the maximum compensation. We’ll make sure victims and their families are emotionally and psychologically compensated, as well.

Representing You and Making an Impact
At the end of the day, our greatest accomplishment is our clients’ recovery and maximum compensation. We represent our clients through the entire legal process ensuring justice comes to light and prioritizing recovery.